Our Philosophy

EuroLatina believes that an important tool in development is the cooperation between industries in respective countries on commercial basis. The European small- and medium sized industry owns very important technological knowledge and can contribute, if correct canalized, to strengthening the economies in developing countries.

Our large experience from working with Latin America, provides us with a large roster of Latin speaking specialists and consultants. Through our networks we are able to rapidly identify any size of industry in any branch of production. Of singular importance in our work, is our daily contact with the industrial community, both producers and investors.

EuroLatina believes that the establishing of durable commercial relations can only be achieved with personalized relationships between partners.
We believe in the relationship between actors in the society is the best way to give aid to development. Large synergies occurs when people from the two worlds, developed and developing, meets to discuss jointly business and activities. WE see our roll as catalyst of relationships, as promoters of technology and knowledge transfer.

For us, ”all business is people”. For this reason we keep personalized relations with industrialists, their organizations and government agencies in the countries we are active. EuroLatina has an extensive network of contacts with key personnel of government authorities, industry organizations and industrial enterprises in several Latin American and African countries. We are known as a very trustful organization capable to maintain stable relationships, adapted to the special needs of our partners. We have worked and managed long-term projects in: Sweden, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mozambique and Zambia. Short terms studies and activities have been carried out in all through the map of Latin America, the PALOPS(Africa’s Portuguese speaking countries), and in the whole Eurpean Union of the 15th. From the latest incorporated countries in the European Union have we achieved cooperation until today with Estonia.

We believe that Swedish Aid shall be connected to the Swedish reality. WE are convinced that the Swedish industry, the Swedish society, The Swedish social organization, “the Swedish Model” have much to give to the developing countries. We understand the Swedish AID not only as “MSEK”, but as a long term cooperation between actors from the whole Swedish live with counterparts in developing countries.

We agree with the idea of “TRADE, NOT AID”. And we created and develop continuously new mechanism for implementation of this concept. And more, we are convinced that industrial relations without paternalism are a important tool for development. The relations between people from same industrial sector are of singular importance in the technology transfer.



EuroLatina was founded in Stockhom, Sweden, in February of 1992. It’s an independent consulting company specialized in technology transfer. We carry out activities such as management, evaluation and monitoring of projects within the industrial, environmental and rural development sector.

The ambition of EuroLatina is to offer a specialized European platform for consulting services aimed at Latin-speaking countries in Latin America and Africa (PALOPS).

EuroLatina joins in a special way, the flexibility and dynamism of a small organization with the large capacity of a consolidated network of consultants.

Our long experience in Sweden and in developing countries, has given us the necessary knowledge and “feeling” for successful management of projects aimed at industrial development and technology transfer.