Example of Coordinated Projects

In February 1995, EuroLatina became the first Swedish organization to be included in the European Community «AL INVEST» program, as member of the COOPECO network. This network links 150 European trade institutions specialized in industrial cooperation and investment promotion between Europe and Latin America. EuroLatina is one of the most active members in this organization and coordinated the first AL-INTERPRISE meeting in the Nordic countries (Gothenburg 1997).

The industrial companies from developing countries and Sweden, are also important contractors of EuroLatina’s services. The services of EuroLatina are in a wide sense focused on economic- and financial analysis, inter-cultural negotiation support, as well as management issues associated with industrial projects.

The staff has sample experience of assessing and guiding joint ventures through all intermediary steps from the initial business idea through a signed contract and to the start of production.

The contractor of services from EuroLatina include multilateral- and bilateral development finance organizations such as Asdi (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), the European Commission and their organization of subcontractors and consortia, the World Bank, BID, UNIDO, FAO and other UN-agencies. Local organizations from Developing countries, such as CORFO in Chile, Industy Ministry of Argentina, Federacao de Industrias do Brasil, NAFIN from México has been satisfied clients of EuroLatina. But more and more the private companies from Sweden and Latinamerica use the services from EuroLatina.

More than 50 private sector organizations have contracted the services of EuroLatina AB in the last years.