EuroLatina is one of the most important actors in the program AL INVEST

EuroLatina is one of the most important actors in the program AL INVEST, aiming to promote the relationship between SME’s from Europe and Latin America.
EuroLatina participate in a long list of activities in this program becoming the most active member of the AL INVEST NETWORK in the Nordic countries.

In the program AL INVEST the private sector organizations from LatinAmerica and Europe can propose projects to be financed by the European Commission Aid Founds, EuropeAid. The organizations act as Organization of Business Meetings or as A collaborator. EuroLatina is the only organization in the Nordic countries that managed to organize 8 events as Main Organisator.

EuroLatina has collaborated with a large list of organizations, as the following list shows. EuroLatina promoted the participation of the Swedish private sector in every event of the list, contacting the sectorial sewedish organizations and the individual companies in each sector. 276 Swedish companies have traveled to Latina America thansks our activity. 703 Swedish companies participate in different event in Europe.

We have a record of more than 85 contracts, agreements and letters of understanding between Swedish and Latinamerican Companies.

The following list is extracted, on October 22 from the official AL Invest web page: