EuroLatina was grounded in Stockhom, Sweden, in February of 1992. It’s an independent consulting company specialized in technology transfer and industrial development, including management, evaluation and monitoring of projects in industrial, environmental and rural development.

The ambition of EuroLatina is to offer a specialized European platform for consulting services aimed at Latin America and other Latin-speaking countries in Africa(PALOPS). EuroLatina joint in a special way the flexibility and dynamism of a small organization, with the large capacity of a consolidated network of consultants.

Our experience of many years of work in Sweden and in developing countries has given us the necessary knowledge and feeling for successful management of industrial development and technology transfer projects, allowing both countries, the developed Sweden and the developing countries, have mutual benefits.

EuroLatina AB is the owner of the domains, EuroLatina is the creator of the first register of Swedish environmental technology destined to the Latinamercan continent called SWEDENVIRO. EuroLatina owns the domain: